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The Honorable Erica Griswold,
an Annapolis native and former Community Outreach Specialist for the Mayor's Office, was elected Anne Arundel County Register of Wills in November 2022. Holding this role is significant and deeply personal for Register Griswold, who in a historic election became the first African American to assume the post in its 246-year history. She proudly carries on the legacy of her mother Angela Langston, and grandmother Rosalie Mitchell; both of whom taught her the importance of advocacy and serving the community for the right reasons. Ms. Griswold honors their legacy, in part by, continuing to coach youth and women throughout the county.

Erica Griswold has been a fixture in civic affairs for decades. With an extensive background in human services, she is a seasoned community-oriented communicator who brings energy, compassion, and accountability in this critical office. Ms. Griswold, who earned an associate degree in Communications, is intensely focused on ensuring that all Anne Arundel County residents, particularly families in marginalized communities, have full access to the many resources of the Register of Wills Office. She is a member of several grassroots organizations and has received numerous awards, including the Fannie Lou Hamer Award from the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Committee for her outstanding community work.

Register Griswold is hard at work expanding access to the office and developing proactive, inclusive, and interactive public engagement strategies to educate the citizenry on the importance of creating, filing, and updating wills, alongside conducting estate planning. Our Madame Register strongly believes "If there's a Will, there's a Way". Utilizing the Register position as a potent force for positive change, she commits to demystifying the process and helping to build and protect generational wealth for families in Anne Arundel County.