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Baltimore County - Client Testimonials

We regularly receive letters commending our staff. The following are excerpts from a few of them.
Generic phrases have been substituted for the actual names of staff members.

I just wanted to pass along a thank you to you and all of the employees there. I was simply touched, blown away by the professional and personal service I received during this trying time. The love everyone has for their jobs, for people in my situation is very evident, especially in the auditor and many more names I can not remember. As long as you keep running for office, you will always have my vote and I will impress upon friends and family to keep you in office. Thank you very much
Timothy M Sylvester

Thank you for all your help. Your office is the best and should be recognized for helping people at such a stressful time.
Sandra Eichler

While handling my mother's estate, I recently met with employees of the Office of the Registrar of the Wills and found them to be extremely professional, helpful and kind. When three different employees all demonstrated these characteristics, I attribute it to the leadership of the office. I honestly cannot imagine the office being run any better.......
Patricia N. Prewitt

I wish that all government employees could operate with the same efficiency and kindness as the ones in your office.
Carol D. Kramer

I hope that you often get letters of appreciation from attorneys and the public expressing the wonderful service that they receive from your office, but I suspect that you do not. In any event, I want to express my gratitude for the excellent and courteous efforts put forth by one of your staff members in an estate that I handled.
David A. Bowers, Attorney at Law

I just want to take this opportunity and compliment the Towson office....I was pleasantly surprised by the efficient manner in which the office is run.
What was a daunting task was eased by the aid of an efficient and knowledgeable staff.

Elizabeth L. Walke

Having had a few "less-than-pleasing experiences" with some other County and State governmental agencies, I would like to take a few moments to tell you how pleased my wife and I were with our experience at the Register of Wills office since being involved with settling my wife's mother's estate......
Please convey our heart-felt thanks and appreciation to your staff for a job well done.

Charles D. and Dolores C. Hoover

In closing, I would like to say being in customer service all my working life, I know working with people during a hardship can be trying. These employees seem to have a special quality that makes dealing with them a pleasure instead of a chore.....
Please thank them again for us.

Maxine Cheek & Irene Pfeferstein

During the drive back to Catonsville, Sarah and I talked about how smoothly this visit had gone due to the professionalism exhibited by your staff member. She was so patient, understanding and knew the subject matter so well. I want to commend her, and you as well for staffing your office with employees like her.
Hugh M. Barnhardt

I commend her and you on the customer service efforts of your office.
Thank you for your patience and assistance.

Carol A. Cawthorne

I am writing you to express my gratitude for the help we have received from your staff. It is my belief, having been a supervisor, that the attitude and actions of a workforce filter down from the top..Their willingness to help us and their compassion for our situation has certainly been appreciated.
Gerald F. Abrecht

Once again I wish to express my thanks to your competent staff.
Ruth Wehrenberg

I am impressed by the people on your staff and appreciate their kindness. There must be good leadership.
S.W. Dudley

Permit me to congratulate you on the quality of your staff. The above captioned estate was the first I was obligated to manage...Your staff is a true reflection of your managerial skills. Again, congratulations and kindly extend my thanks to your staff.
Julien J. Moreau, CPA

Today as we entered the courthouse to settle the estate, we were again filled with apprehension..We were expecting intimidating personnel and were so pleasantly surprised to work with a knowledgeable gentleman who and was eager to help. How refreshing and reaffirming.
And so it is with great gratitude that I write this letter of sincere appreciation.

Carole Redling

Often times, people that work for the government are depicted as lazy and uncaring....You couldn't have chosen a better person to be in this position..I am grateful he was there to help me.
Mary E. Shewell

I rarely write letters to any public officials, but felt it was incumbent upon me to let you know that one of your employees is doing an outstanding job of serving the public. Thanks so much for taking time to read of my gratitude to this man.
William A. Lynch

I want to bring to your attention the first rate service your office consistently provides.
Carroll S. Rankin, Jr., Attorney at Law

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for all of the compassion and assistance we received from two members of your staff...We thought it only appropriate to compliment you on these outstanding representatives of not only your department, but of Baltimore County.they are truly an asset to the citizens of Maryland. Neither one of us are residents of Baltimore County and have had on occasion to interact with other county governments, but never in the same efficient and courteous manner as received through them.
Again, congratulations on an outstanding team.

Vicki Hackett and Jean Wehrenberg

I've been remiss in not writing sooner, but I want to compliment you on your staff's courteous and professional work.
I'm most grateful for the courteous treatment I received in this matter.
Please extend my thanks to your employees.

Spencer W. Purdum

It has been a sincere pleasure working with your organization over the past two years. It is very reassuring to experience an effective and responsive organization at work in an environment usually considered encumbered with bureaucracy.
Barbara A Sarlin

Grace clearly deserves our support, for she has the office of the Register of Wills functioning with efficiency, and is staffed by capable and friendly folks who are always very helpful.
Howard J. Needle, Attorney at Law

I want to compliment you, your staff, and your office for the manner in which you have acted....All too often, particularly in my practice, people criticize, but I believe the opportunity should always be taken to highlight those who have offered their assistance...
Marc R. Kivitz, Attorney at Law

In the days following the death of my father, my mother and I had to contact many different people for assistance and sadly most of the encounters with others were very stressful and upsetting. However, our experience with your employees was not that way. They could not have been nicer! Please extend our gratitude to your employees. You must be proud to have them as part of your staff.
Anita I. Doda

So many times people complain that government employees don't give very good service or seem to care little about the people they are there to serve. The opposite is true of your employee. He is a caring, informed employee who deserves to be credited with above average dedication to his job. It was certainly my pleasure to have him help me during this stressful time.
Mary E. Shewell

The loss of a loved one can never be pleasant. Additionally, the paperwork burdens associated with such a loss do not add to the experience. However, your excellent staff did their best to make the experience as pleasant as possible.
You are truly blessed to have such an outstanding staff.
In what I hope is my first and only experience with your office, I feel compelled to send my thanks to you for their help, their attitudes and their compassion.

R. John Therres