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Estate Search Disclaimer

This website provides public access to the estate case records of the State of Maryland Register of Wills Offices. Access to these records is governed by Maryland Rules 16-900 et. seq.

Acceptance of the following agreement is required to continue.

In Maryland, laws exist to ensure that state government is open and that the public has access to appropriate records and information in it's possession. At the same time, both state and federal laws provide exceptions that serve various needs, including the privacy of individuals.

While much information is made available to the public through this site, some information may be restricted or require registration to obtain. All of the information collected at this site becomes a public record that may be subject to inspection and copying by members of the public, unless an exemption in law exists.

The information available through the Register of Wills (ROW) database may be limited in SCOPE (extent of information available), HISTORY (years of available information), TIME (how quickly information is updated), and RELIABILITY (general accuracy of information).

I. Scope of Information
Information is available on all Register of Wills cases in the state. This information includes decedent's name, case number, date of death, personal representative's name, attorney's name, county of filing, estate type, and estate status.
II. Historical Information
All information contained in the ROW database originates in the individual counties where the case is filed, and is available for the period that each county has maintained an automated case management system. The amount of historical information may vary by county based on when an automated case management system was deployed in that county and how the system has evolved.
III. Timeliness of Information
ROW estate data is updated regularly, with these limitations: Information originating or maintained within the ROW system is entered after the close of each business day, and is available online the following day.
IV. Reliability of Information
This site reflects the electronic record of the cases presented and may not always reflect the information maintained within the official case file. The data may not be reliable in the sense that further action may occur in the case that would affect the record.

If you believe information provided is inaccurate, please send written notice to the Register's Office where the original record was created or filed. Click here for a Directory

Note: Requests for corrections will not be accepted by telephone, fax or email.

The Register of Wills, its agencies, officers, or employees do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information contained in this system. Users rely on this information at their own risk.

Copy requests made using Estate Search are non-refundable. All payments are final. Please contact the Register of Wills office that provided copies for quality and delivery issues.

INTERNATIONAL USERS AND ZIP CODES: Please be aware there is an issue with credit payment processing with any type of zip code different from a standard 5-digit number. For non-numeric zip codes, international zip codes, or 9-digit zip codes, please use a 5-digit numeric zip code entering payment information.

I have read, understand and agree to the terms, conditions, and limitations noted above.